Equipment Used in Processing and Fabricating Steel Products

Machine capabilities

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EQUIPMENT LIST- Material Processing

  • Standard Industrial Corp 5/8” x 12'-0" wide hydraulic plate shear
  • Piranha hydraulic punch press ironworker
  • Buffalo mechanical punch press ironworker
  • Retro Systems Ultra Hornet flame cutting/plasma table 8' x 24' with etching capabilities
  • Bertsch 12'-0" wide plate rolls
  • Montgomery 6'-0" wide plate rolls
  • HTC 400 ton press brake 144" long
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  • Peddinghaus beamline automated beam drilling system for 3"x2" angle up to 40" wide flange beams with 3-axis drilling ability and material mark scriber
  • Sub-arc welding machine with track
  • Multiple MIG and TIG welding stations
  • Custom manufactured beam cambering machine (up to W24x146)
  • (2) - 10 Ton overhead cranes and (3) - 5 Ton overhead cranes